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CDMO – Contract Development Manufacturing Operations

Our R&D lab can provide a 360° service in Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical product, taking into account the demands of customers, creating innovative solutions and customizing formulations development in coating pan or fluid bed.


DiMiL is a dual soft liposomal carrier for (trans)dermal administration. These systems are designed for the pharmaceutical industry, but they are being transferred to cosmetic and medical health products sector.

Malt-o Fast

Malt-o Fast is an oral dissolving film, it is a novel edible film, which dissolves within few second in the mouth. The product is designed for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry.

Film Forming Dispersions

Film Forming Dispersions for a cutaneous administration is designed for pharmaceutical industry as transdermal administration of different classes of drugs as well as local diseases.

DERMAL / TRANSDERMAL patches for pharmaceutical industry.


CMO – Contract Manufacturing Operations

Only for Nutraceutical OSD, we offer different functional coatings customized for high standard quality, certified with final test control using instruments approved by Authorities (EU Pharm, US, JPE,…) Batch from 5 to 300 kg/each under HACCP rules + ISO 9001 + ISO 22000

Technology Transfer

All CDMO and CMO developed in our plant are transferred to our customers production plants in their equipments, with dedicated training to operators all over the world.

Technical Service

We are able to suggest, advise and implement up-to-date technology for OSD products related to Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products.

HR Service

We are also in the business for the selection of specific pharma/nutra candidate corresponding to the customers technical needs and, under specific agreement, test the real attitudes and capabilities of the candidates in our plant (pilot or industrial) with the possibility to train the candidate following the customers guidelines.


Developing a strategy for the production scale-up of a new product is a challenge for many manufacturers. We know the related problems and we can help you implementing the right tools and developing the most appropriate strategy for a specific scale up.

Events & Seminars

Workshop and seminars organization.

Web and @commerce

Regulatory & Legislation

Assisting our customers for Regulatory and Legislation issue is part of our task. Advisory services helps clients manage opportunities and risks associated with the legislative and regulatory compliance.


Is a ready-to-use pigment suspension tailored and dedicated for coatings polymers, with all the excipients required for avoiding formulation mistakes and reducing preparation time and high quality final product.

Taste Sensing System

TSS employs the same mechanism as that of the human tongue to measure the taste of drugs or foods and is a powerful tool for use in a variety of fields such as quality control, product development, marketing and sales, where objective evaluation of taste is required.

Coater maintenance & service

  • General Conditions Assessment
  • Set up and Fine Tuning Process Parameters and Spray Suspension
  • Remote Trouble Shootings
  • Regular Control Services
  • Revamping – Up Dating equipments
  • In House Training and Education

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