Rofarma Italia S.r.l. is fully equipped to add a customized tablets and capsules coating to your proprietary blen.

A specialized coating can serve a specific purpose, be purely cosmetic, used for brand recognition, to enteric.

Some purposes of a specialized coating service include:

  • Strengthening the tablet
  • Control/time release (enteric)
  • Improve taste
  • Protect from moisture
  • Mask unpleasant smell and taste
  • Improve appearance
  • Brand recognition
  • Prevent sticking
  • Easier printing on the tablet
  • Protect from light / U rays

Thanks to our high capacity, state of the art equipment, we are able to process orders quickly, to exacting specifications. We employ strict quality control verifications at specific intervals to ensure uniformity, potency and purity in every batch of tablets and capsules.


Rofarma Italia S.r.l. also offers customized coatings for your convenience:


  • Choice of colour, for brand recognition or use of corporate colours
  • Multiple colour combination, to distinguish your product from others
  • Glossy finish, for a modern, sleek appearance
  • Enteric coating for tablets / capsules that need to dissolve in the intestine rather than the stomach
  • Natural film coating for easy dissolvability
  • Pearlescent/iridescent finish to really make your products stand out




Rofarma Italia S.r.l. is completely dedicated to the quality and integry of the supplements and other products we manufacture.

For this reason, our quality control services are included in every order we process.

These services assure that each and and every batch of supplements we manufacture lives up to our high standards.


Our quality control services include:


  • Control / retention sampling
  • Finished Product Inspection
  • Dissolution / enteric test
  • Manufacture Process Analysis


Throughout the production of your products and even after they're made, Rofarma Italia S.r.l. continually monitors their integrity to ensure everything goes as planned.

From the control sampling, in which we randomly test samples of your product at various stages in the manufacturing process, to inspection of the finished product, to stability studies, Rofarma Italia S.r.l. is always working for your interests and striving for perfection.

To assure you and your customers of the quality of your supplements, we provide a certificate of analysis with each batch, detailing the ingredients and other aspects of our product and production process.