the EUDRAGIT "ready to use" pigment suspension


W.A.S. in a new "ready/easy to use pigment suspension" linked and dedicated to EUDRAGIT

W.A.S. is a creamy homogenized blend prepared in standard/basic formulation containing all the excipients that all EUDRAGIT needs (TEC, Talc, TiO2, NaLS, Water, Colours) that can be tailored for specific products and formulation.

W.A.S. in produced to meet customers requests and needs:

- use the right excipients with the right ratio

- have a precise preparation of the suspension

- buy only one excipients from one source

- reduce excipients stock (to buy, to analyze, to weight and mix)

- avoid troubles shooting

- reduce processing preparation time


We are sure that W.A.S. will be very useful for your business and achievement of new customers.


Click here to download the W.A.S. brochure and here to see the feasibility of preparation of W.A.S.